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SKID Penetrating Lubricant

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Our fastest penetrating lubricant, SKID, is a multi-purpose shop tool which penetrates, lubricates, cleans, and protects most metal surfaces.
SKID penetrates between close tolerance parts to quickly dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, and scale. As it penetrates into the tightest areas, it carries lubricating oil to free stuck or frozen parts for easy removal and smooth operation. The solvents in SKID help clean and remove grease, tar, sludge, and other buildup. SKID leaves a very thin coating to help protect metals and prevent future seizing.
• Perfect for tire and auto service shops.
• Acts quickly to save you time and money.
• Pleasant odor.
• Loosens tight nuts, bolts, pins, bearings, slides, and tire beads.

12-can case of 10 oz. aerosols - Item # A490CS  add to cart
1-5 cs  $74.50        6-24 cs  $64.82        25+ cs  $55.88    FREE Delivery! 
(add 10% to orders under $500 west of the Mississippi)
1 gallon can - Item # B790GL  add to cart
1-5 gl  $40.60         6-24 gl  $35.32         25+ gl  $30.45    FREE Delivery! 
(add 10% to orders under $500 west of the Mississippi)
5 gallon pail - Item # B790PL  add to cart
1 pl  $169.60          2-4 pl  $147.55            5+ pl  $127.20    FREE Delivery!
(add 10% to orders under $500 west of the Mississippi)
55 gallon drum - Item # B790DR  add to cart
$975.00 each.    FREE Delivery!
(add 10% to orders under $500 west of the Mississippi)
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