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Tar, sap, grease, and road grime can damage your car's finish and dull your paint if you don't remove it. It won't wash off with soap and water and detergents can't remove it. What do you do? You need the solution preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, and enthusiasts. You need Tarminator.

Tarminator breaks down the complex molecules found in tar and other sticky materials. This unique MicroActive cleaning technology gives Tarminator unequaled ability to remove even baked-on tar, grease, sap, and asphalt.

Tarminator is the fast, easy way to remove difficult road grime. Best of all, it's specially formulated to clean quickly without harming paint, clearcoats, and other finishes. Simply spray it on, and wipe surfaces clean.

Tarminator Case

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12-can case of 10oz. aerosols - Item # 91154

1-5 cases$50.50
6-24 cases$45.95
25+ cases$41.41