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Aerosol Lubricants

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Food Grade Silicone Lubricant

Prevents sticking, squeaking, and noise. Reduces friction and wear. H1 USDA ratings. Learn more.

Food Grade Silicone Lubricant Case

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12-can case of 9 oz. aerosols - Item # A635CS

1-5 cases$40.50
6-24 cases$36.86
25+ cases$33.21

SKID Penetrating Lubricant

SKID, our fastest penetrating lube, works in mere seconds. Dissolves rust, corrosion, and scale. Loosens rusted-on nuts, bolts and more. Available in gallons, pails and drums. Learn more.

SKID Penetrating Lubricant Case

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12-can case of 10 oz. aerosols - Item # A490CS

1-5 cases$74.50
6-24 cases$64.82
25+ cases$55.88

SKID Penetrating Lubricant Gallon

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1 Gallon Can - Item # B790GL

1-5 gallons$40.60
6-24 gallons$35.32
25+ gallons$30.45

SKID Penetrating Lubricant Pail

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5 Gallon Pail - Item # B790PL

1-5 pails$169.60
6-24 pails$147.55
25+ pails$127.20

SKID Penetrating Lubricant Drum

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55 Gallon Drum - Item # B790DR


Penetrating Lube with PTFE

Our most powerful penetrating lube... like SKID on steroids. Dissolves rust, corrosion and scale. Loosens stubborn, seized parts. Learn more.

Penetrating Lube with PTFE

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12-can case of 10 oz. aerosols - Item # A194CS

1-5 cases$58.40
6-24 cases$53.14
25+ cases$47.89