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Spray Waxes & Specialties

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Speed Bead Quick Detailer

Sprays on fast, wipes off easy! Carnauba wax fills in light swirl marks. Does not haze so it requires no buffing. Perfect for fast touch-ups or quick wipe downs between road trips. Contains 50% more active solids than the leading brand. Fresh piña colada scent. Contains no harsh cleaners or abrasives. Learn more.

Speed Bead Quick Detailer Case

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Case of 6 22oz. bottles - Item # 92354


Visible Shine

Long Lasting Deep Vibrant Shine and Paint Protection. Deep glass-like shine paired with long-lasting paint protection in one easy-to-use formula. Stoner Visible Shine Synthetic Sealant uses a formula of micropolymers to create a tight bond with automotive paint. The durable bond seals and protects while leaving a long-lasting, glass-like finish. Learn more.

Visible Shine Case

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12-Can case of 16oz. bottles - Item # 95410


Speed Bead One Step Quick Wax

Sprays on! Wipes off fast and easy. Cleans, shines, and protects auto finishes. Removes oxidation, bugs, and grime. Gives long lasting protection and water beading. Learn more.

Speed Bead One Step Quick Wax Case

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12-Can case of 15oz. aerosols - Item # 91354


Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Makes Leather Look, Feel and Smell Brand New in One Step! Triple-action formula cleans, conditions, and protects. Learn more.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Case

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Case of 6 16oz. spray bottles - Item # 95400


GUST Easy Duster

High power dusting tool is like a portable air compressor. Instantly blasts dust and lint from seat and trim crevices, air vents, glove compartments and other hard-to-reach places. Learn more.

GUST Easy Duster Case

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12-Can case of 12oz. aerosols - Item # 94203

1-5 cases$58.20
6-24 cases$55.29
25+ cases$52.38