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Bead Max Premium Auto Wax

Bead Max Premium Auto Wax

BeadMax is an advanced formula auto wax that provides maximum surface protection, water beading, surface shine, and gloss. It gives painted surfaces a mirror-like finish and enhances paint color and surface brilliance.

Formulated for maximum water beading, water and rain race off BeadMaxed surfaces. Bead Max makes vehicle drying much easier and even lets you "wind dry" your vehicle after washing by simply driving away!

Safe for clear coat, enamel, acrylic, and lacquer finishes. Not recommended for flat paints. BeadMax will also shine and protect chrome, metals, glass, and other hard non-porous surfaces.

BeadMax contains a proprietary blend of natural waxes and synthetic polymers for optimal surface finish, durability, and protection against environmental damage.

BeadMax contains synthetic micropolymers(tm) that provide a chemical bond between the protective coatings in BeadMax and the surface. This chemical bond is activated and strengthened as the product is applied and allowed to dry. Shields and protects against sunlight and environmental damage.

Contains no abrasives or harsh solvents that can scratch and damage new or delicate finishes. Proprietary AeroGuard aerosol delivery system maintains product purity, effectiveness, and allows easier application.

Other products dry-out and lose effectiveness when stored for prolonged periods or exposed to air. BeadMax is sealed, so its polymers remain "unactivated" and its effectiveness is maintained until use. Sealed AeroGuard container prevents contamination by dust, dirt, sand, lint, and airborne debris.

Pressurized aerosol delivery system makes BeadMax simple and easy to use. Just spray on horizontal or vertical surfaces. BeadMax clings and won't run.

Bead Max Premium Auto Wax Case

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12-Can case of 15oz. aerosols - Item # 91384