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SS2 Shine & Sealant

SS2 Shine & Sealant

Stoner SS2 Shine & Sealant is a concentrated, quick sudsing, silicone-free, clearcoat sealant that provides outstanding shine and facilitates spot-free drying on all vehicle surfaces. Rapid beading action ensures maximum water removal.

Stoner SS2 is designed to maintain and preserve clearcoat surfaces and help protect all modern finishes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Stoner SS2 provides a long lasting, high gloss appearance and a protective coating that will not smear or streak glass surfaces. Produces a temporary, thin white sheet of suds which dissipates quickly, rinses freely and completely, and leaves no streaky residue.

Stoner SS2 produces a pleasant banana scent throughout the wash bay. Stoner SS2 may be applied at high or low pressure and may be used with hot water to increase performance qualities. Stoner SS2's low viscosity formula facilitates consistent and reliable spraying, pumping, and metering. Concentrated for economy and cost effectiveness. Hard water tolerant. Contains no phosphates, caustics, or acids. Contains no silicone wetting agents. Safe for clear coat finishes when used as directed.

When used directly from the container set dilution controls to 250:1 (water:SS2). Test mixture and adjust dilution, if necessary, for desired thickness and appearance. Immediately after application, thoroughly rinse SS2 off of vehicle with clean rinse water.

SS2 Shine & Sealant Pail

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