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Polish & Seal

Polish & Seal

Polish & Seal is a one-step surface cleaner and polymer sealant that gives long lasting shine and protection for delicate finishes. Its chemically advanced formula is engineered for clearcoat and enamel finishes.

Polish & Seal surface cleaner and polymer sealant combines cleaning and waxing into one easy step. It saves detailing time! Polish & Seal provides long lasting shine and protection on both clearcoat and enamel finishes. You'll lose count of how many washings it takes until water stops beading on your high gloss shine.

Polish & Seal first creates a high quality paint finish and then protects this finish with a long lasting polymer sealant. Although perfected for use on clearcoats, Polish & Seal will produce equally good results on no-clearcoat finishes.

  • Final-step paint, polish & protectant.
  • Easy to use by hand or by machine.
  • Durable. Gives a long lasting, deep shine.
  • For use on all color paints and clearcoats.
Polish & Seal Gallon

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1 gallon - Item # B586GL

1-5 gallons$33.20
6-24 gallons$30.21
25+ gallons$27.22